A Blog Collection

In this section I collect blogs surrounding eve online. As the prime language in the eve community is English I will stick to that despite the primary German website. The order of Blogs is as I see fit and I haven't build a standard how to rank the sites. I don't limit it to eve only but every blog here should provide some eve content.

If you are a blogger stumbling over this site and missing your link send me an eve Mail to Chanina and I will take a look at your blog. If I already linked you but you feel my short description is wrong or something, feel free to talk to me about it, maybe I got the wrong impression from your posts.

As an interested reader you should also give the Blog Banters a look, reading the different blogs all focused on a given subject is very entertaining and provides a nice view from different perspectives. And it shows, how un-united a community can be, most of the time that is good.

The well known

Inner sanctum of the ninveah

Kirith Kodachi is a blogger of the old guard. He has taken over the Blog Banters from Seismic Stan and also runs a podcast (broadcast from the ninveah). He covers game tactics and faction war and he also engages in writing fan fiction if you are interested in that.


Rixx Javix has been around in the blogging community for a very long time, on par with Kirith Kodachi. He played Eve in different ways but the time I remember he plays as a Pirate in low sec. His Corp “Stay Frosty” with headquarter in Hevric is known for small gang and solo pvp. Rixx is a multi tallent in multimedia stuff, creating videos, comics and many other art pieces.

Jester's Trek

Jester (main Character Ripard Teg) calls himself eve-vet hit by the bitter vet syndrome. With one to three posts a day he provides a lot of stuff to read about. From game mechanics over to politics and rounded up with geek philosophy, this blog is always worth a stop by if you look for stuff to read.

The Nosy Gamer

Nosy Gamer is focused on the war on bots within eve and occasionally covers other games and what their developers do to counter bots or where they have problems with RMT. In game he plays as a low sec carebear and provides insight on how to play in low sec without PvP.

GameSkinny – Mat Westhorpe

Not much of a blogger anymore but Seismic Stan from Freebooted is now a writer for GameSkinny (Featured Columnist) and covers many stories around new eden. Seems he made the jump from passionated hobby writer to the paid one without loosing his passion. But http://freebooted.blogspot.ca/ is still active so pay it a visit once in a while or add it to your feed reader.