Änderungen an Skills

CCP hat für 1.1 einige Änderungen an Skills vorgesehen. Sie werden zum Teil umbenannt und ggf auch in neue Gruppe ein sortiert.

Genaueres könnt ihr dem entsprechenden Post entnehmen, eine Kopie davon findet ihr hier unter Skill Anpasung.

Eine weiter Änderung für 1.1 - Skills


This is done in an effort to reduce confusion between the skill names themselves and the groups they belong to. Usually, a group name is to be as generic as possible since it usually contains more than just a single theme. On the contrary, Skill names need to be as specific as possible to let players know what effects they have without having to read their description.

Electronics: has been renamed to “CPU management” not to conflict with group names and be more explicit at what the skill actually does.

Engineering: has been renamed “Power Grid management” not to conflict with group names and be more explicit at what the skill actually does.

Targeting: for the same reasons as above, this skill has been renamed "Target Management".

Multitasking: has been renamed "Advanced Target Management" for the same reasons as above.

Nanite Control: has been renamed "Neurotoxin Control" to make it clearer it's a booster related skill and not something tied with overheading (nanite repair paste comes to mind).

Armor Honeycombing: has been renamed "Armor Layering".

Energy Management, Energy Emission Systems and Energy Systems Operation: have been renamed "Capacitor Management", "Capacitor Emission Systems" and "Capacitor Systems Operation".


Armor: is a new skill group, that has all armor skills - the “mechanics” skill group has been removed.

Contains the Armor Layering, Armor Resistance Phasing, Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems, Capital Remote Hull Repair Systems, Capital Repair Systems, EM Armor Compensation, Explosive Armor Compensation, Hull Upgrades, Kinetic Armor Compensation, Mechanics, Remote Armor Repair Systems, Remote Hull Repair Systems, Repair Systems and Thermic Armor Compensation skills.

Electronic System: is the old “electronics” group. Now only contains offense EW related skills.

Contains the Cloaking, Electronic Warfare, Frequency Modulation, Long Distance Jamming, Projected Electronic Counter Measures, Propulsion Jamming, Sensor Linking, Signal Dispersion, Signal Suppression, Signature Focusing, Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration, Target Breaker Amplification, Target Painting, Turret Destabilization and Weapon Disruption skills.

Engineering: now has all skills related with energy management and fittings in general.

Contains the Advanced Weapon Upgrades, CPU Management, Capital Capacitor Emission Systems, Electronics Upgrades, Capacitor Emission Systems, Energy Grid Upgrades, Capacitor Management, Energy Pulse Weapons, Capacitor Systems Operation, Nanite Interfacing, Nanite Operation, Power Grid Management, Thermodynamics and Weapon Upgrades skills.

Missiles: it’s the old “missile launcher operation” group with no other change whatsoever.

Neural Enhancement: has all boosters, clone and implants related skills.

Contains the Biology, Cloning Facility Operation, Cybernetics, Informorph Psychology, Neurotoxin Control and Neurotoxin Recovery skills.

Production: has all industry and manufacturing skills, including those that previously were in the “Mechanics” skill group.

Contains the Advanced Mass Production, Battleship Construction, Capital Ship Construction, Cruiser Construction, Drug Manufacturing, Frigate Construction, Industrial Construction, Industry, Mass Production, Outpost Construction, Production Efficiency, Supply Chain Management skills.

Resource Processing: has all mining, harvesting skills and reprocessing skills.

Contains the Arkonor Processing, Astrogeology, Bistot Processing, Crokite Processing, Dark Ochre Processing, Deep Core Mining, Gas Cloud Harvesting, Gneiss Processing, Hedbergite Processing, Hemorphite Processing, Ice Harvesting, Ice Processing, Industrial Reconfiguration, Jaspet Processing, Kernite Processing, Mercoxit Processing, Mining, Mining Upgrades, Omber Processing, Plagioclase Processing, Pyroxeres Processing, Refinery Efficiency, Refining, Salvaging, Scordite Processing, Scrapmetal Processing, Spodumain Processing and Veldspar Processing skills.

Rigging: has all the skills related to rigs that previously were in the “Mechanics” skill group.

Contains the Armor Rigging, Astronautics Rigging, Drone Rigging, Electronic Superiority Rigging, Energy Weapon Rigging, Gallente Defensive Systems, Hybrid Weapon Rigging, Jury Rigging, Launcher Rigging, Projectile Weapon Rigging and Shield Rigging skills.

Scanning: contains all skills tied with that theme (including probe scanning, hacking mini-game and survey skills).

Contains the Archaeology, Astrometric Acquisition, Astrometric Pinpointing, Astrometric Rangefinding, Astrometrics, Hacking and Survey skills.

Science: now only contains "true" science / research / datacore skills.

Contains the Advanced Laboratory Operation, Amarr Encryption Methods, Amarrian Starship Engineering, Astronautic Engineering, Caldari Encryption Methods, Caldai Starship Engineering, Defensive Subsystem Technology, Electromagnetic Physics, Elecronic Engineering, Electronic Subsystem Technology, Engineering Subsystem Technology, Gallente Encryption Methods, Gallentean Starship Engineering, Graviton Physics, High Energy Physics, Hydromagnetic Physics, Laboratory Operation, Laser Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Minmatar Encryption Methods, Minmatar Starship Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Nanite Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Offensive Subsystem Technology, Plasma Physics, Propulsion Subsystem Technology, Quantum Physics, Research, Research Project Management, Reverse Engineering, Rocket Science, Science, Scientific Networking, Sleeper Technology, Takmahl Technology, Talocan Technology, Yan Jung Technology skills.

Shields: all the skills related to shields that previously were in the Engineering group have been moved there.

Contains the Capital Shield Emission Systems, Capital Shield Operation, EM Shield Compensation, Explosive Shield Compensation, Kinetic Shield Compensation, Shield Compensation, Shield Emission Systems, Shield Management, Shield Operation, Shield Upgrades, Tactical Shield Manipulation, Thermic Shield Compensation skills.

Spaceship Command: is the old Spaceship Command group, no change here for now.

Targeting: has all the targeting related skills. All the “Sensor Compensation” skills have been moved from the old “Electronics” group into it as well.

Contains the Advanced Target Management, Grametric Sensor Compensation, Ladar Sensor Compensation, Long Range Targeting, Magnetometric Sensor Compensation, Target Management, Radar Sensor Compensation, Signature Analysis skills.

All the other skills groups (Corporation Management, Drones, Gunnery, Leadership, Navigation, Planetary Management, Social, Subsystems, Trade) stay the same, except for skills that were moved out of them into one of the new groups mentioned above.


Skills: changed made to match the new skill groups above.

Implants > Skill Harviring: sorted harwiring implants to match the groups above.

Ship Modifications > Rigs: sorted rigs to match the groups above.